1. No pornographic material, this includes Avatars and SIGs or posting links to media and/or other outlets which violate this policy.

2. No overly racistic threads will be tolerated, if you want to discuss differences between races and such this is okay but don't result in hate-speech

3. Try to keep threads in the board they belong in.

4. If you have a problem or concern regarding a moderator, send a message to that moderator to discuss the issue (remain civil as will the moderator). DO NOT air your differences with any staff member in the public forums.

5. Arguments and disagreements are expected and most certainly inevitable. Please do not degrade, demean, or belittle other members in any way. If you have a problem with someone's opinion, argue against the opinion, not the person.

6. Avoid excessive spamming. Here, spam is simply posting irrelevant information and/or off-topic information multiple times.

7. When starting a thread, please title the thread relative to the topic. Staff members reserve the right to change a title.

8. This site is for fun conversations, not free advertising. Personal web pages (Myspace, Facebook, etc.) are acceptable, but make sure the page is PG-13 before posting a link.

9. If you have an idea for an "official" thread, please get permission by a staff member or have them start it for you. Please DO NOT open or title any thread as an "official" without permission from a staff member. A staff member can happily pin a thread to the top of the board if necessary.

10. Please, have a reasonable number of accounts. Multiple accounts may result in the de-activation of all accounts associated with that member. This includes accounts created in an attempt to bypass disciplinary action that has been taken. In addition, any account created with the intent of impersonating another past or present member may be permanently forfeit.

11. If you see any questionable activity, please use the "Report Abuse" link under each post. Please do not abuse this option.

12. If you choose to use your real name as a username or in conversation, you do so at your own risk.

(These rules are subject to change at any time.)

If you feel as though you are being harassed by a member contact a moderator about your issues and he will give the harassée a warning if the harassment continues that can be grounds for the deletion of that poster.

But be adviced in the ANYTHING BOARDS a harsher tone is acceptable so if you are over-sensitive that might be a place that you want to stay away from, and if people want to discuss in a more extreme manner this is where it's meant to be kept.

Thank you,