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Melania Trump: traditional position of the First Lady
She’s Slovenian ex-model, wife and companion to 2016 U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump. Melania Trump has the potential to become the First Lady and influencing the outcome of the elections.
Do not oppose women's rights in questions of policy; Melania said that she would not have gone into politics. “I chose not to go into politics and policy”, she said GQ in April 2016. Considering the political activity of the work of her husband, she took the role of an as humble observer.
At her first campaign interview for ABC’s, published in November 2015, she said she has not accompanied her husband on the campaign trail because she’s staying home to take care of their 9-year-old son Barron.
Suppose she deserve becoming the First Lady of this nation. We’re thinking about her, remembering the former First Ladies of the country.
In February 2016 Siena College researchers have published work on the topic “The first ladies study”. The first place in 1982 confidently takes Eleanor Roosevelt. In the same list of names we see Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. Jacqueline Kennedy entered the top three. Jackie was always in our eyes an exemplary wife; her style was simple and elegant. Feminine image of Jacqueline stayed in our memory. Apparently, Melania Trump plans to appear before us in this very image, seeing the similarity with Jacqueline in the matters regarding the bringing up of the children, as well as in other similar features. Probably, the “other” means a husband support and the role of an exemplary wife.
America loved Jacqueline. It’s just the most see more similarities between Melania and wife of Sarkozy than with traditional Jacqueline.
She’s getting ready to match the categories listed in the survey, such as “Value to the country”, “Value to the President”» or probably to be strong communicator as Eleanor Roosevelt.
In this case, she has a chance to get to the list. She’s already trying to demonstrate herself as communicator using as an example a stronger communicator Michelle Obama.
For a while, we forget about the political elections, provocative photos and the speech borrowed from Michelle for a while. We take a pause our Google search for her bachelor degree and immigration status. Let’s look at her from the personal viewpoint.
Born in a small town in Slovenia, Melania wanted to become a designer, eventually left her hometown and began her modeling career in Milan. She wanted something more and she left.
She could not even think at that time that she would found herself in the political spotlight.
As she says, her career began precisely with the arrival in the US. Now she tries to preserve her personal space within her house without evincing any excessive interest in the political issues.
In her life in the spotlight on the pages of Twitter, Melania has opened her personal and family photo archives to readers. The family and the family values are clearly emphasized. The Melania’s better side is shown, distracting us from any “unconventionality” of her image.
She posted “Enjoying my life&family and loving our country”. Trump campaign obviously tried to place home pictures. We shall place in the list of favorite family photo of her parents and son Barron.
Demonstrative display of luxury is capable of incurring displeasure from the part of ordinal voters. But the image of the presidential candidate’s wife successfully harmonizes already with such simple things like: to cook for her beloved husband, to take child to school, to carry out the celebration in the family circle, to feel the joy for the husband’s success, as well as the reminiscences about the beginning of the model career.
This photo report can lead us away from the oversaturation with the expensive attributes of the luxurious life of Trump’s family. But is there any use of blaming her of her love to the jewelry and her golden house? We know many examples of the American dreams, which came true. In addition, does she really strive for showing off or that is her status, which makes her do it?
Melania introduced her own life “as a fashion model and immigrant from Slovenia…”. Now she conjoins the roles of the mother and Donald Trump’s spouse, accompanying her husband in his political war. She’s also realized her design ideas, because in the past she planed became as designer, but her strategy changed course on the fashion industry that subsequently lead her to meeting and marriage with Donald.
Their ways crossed. She was not available; he felt his full power and powerlessness at the same time near the Melania.
Thus, the model from Slovenia lays out her road to White House, passing the responsibility for her humble steps in the politics on to her husband. Look, where the dreams can lead.
Melania announces about her desire to support her husband, staying, however, in the background. She considered her ambition as the First Lady to be behind Donald Trump.
Donald Trump once said his opinion about women's ambitions in career: “I think that putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing”.
So it‘s rather the husband's position in this question? There is suspicion of egoism or this is Donald’s desire to be a leader in politics and in family.
He has created a “woman problem” in 1994. What has changed now? His current wife opened her own jewelry line.
In 1994 in an interview with ABC’s Primetime Live he said: “I love creating stars”. Now he is, probably, creating a new star Melania Trump. She opened her own line on QVC in 2010. Her collection is characterized by different price category. Melania thought about ordinary women who are also willing to get closer to the Donald Trump’s “star’.
She loves design and has sense of style. GQ published stories of Melania’s friends about her creative talents. According to them, she always had a talent in art. “She is smart for the things she’s interested in, like jewelry. She’s not stupid, she’s not a bimbo, but she’s not especially clever”, talked about her talents, one of her old friends from native Slovenia. We can consider it a compliment. The First Lady could be a specialist in her sphere of interests, adhering to the image of the young wife of the rich businessperson.
Melania has her business ideas, speaks in 3 or more languages, according to Wikipedia. She participates in social activities and she is supporting her husband without being overtly political.
A loving husband only helped to realize her business ideas. By the way, she did not become an executive.
We can appreciate her for restraint and modesty. She tried to refute this fact. “Some people would say I’m very shy”, she says for Daily news. “But I am not shy, I am not shy at all. I just know when it is time to talk and when it’s not time to talk. I’m not the person who will jump over and want to take the spotlight”. Well, she has repeatedly stated about desire not to sink into the policy, emphasizing the main duties as wife and mother. At the same time she says “If anyone attacks my family and they do something wrong, I will of course speak out and say that’s not the way it is”. The smart approach and the moderateness with regard to the communication with the media as well as the high society banquets reflect her political style and alternative culture.
She had her own life before Donald and now she’s trying to keep her independence by creating new business ideas, like she says that she always has her own view on life, separate from Donald’s view.
At the same time she do not forget to talk about the main things at her today’s life. She makes accent at her motherhood, has no desire to get away from her femininity and family duties.
Melania is rich but really trying to leave from her fashion glamour in the past. She really wants to be secure from social pressure.
She doesn’t seek money. Before meeting with Donald, she has already earned her success in the fashion world, she worked with well-known photographers and she signed contracts with famous publishers. The main success came to her right here in the U.S. They met with Donald during New York Fashion Week in 1998. She asked him to give her his phone number and called only after a few days, trying to show a feature of character. “I wanted to see what his intention is”, she explains for GQ.
Seemingly, Donald understood at that time that there was not a regular model standing before him. This is an imaginary “thoughtlessness” of the models. Melania also did her best to demonstrate her self-sufficiency to Donald.
They keep distance in own relationships. “Separate bathrooms” are “the key to the success of her marriage”. He appreciates her beauty, restraint, responsibility for their son. “She’s an incredible mother, she loves her son, Barron, so much”, Donald tells about wife. Melania appreciates her husband for his intellect and strong male qualities. Thus was born the union of complementarity.
In interview for Harpersbazaar, she expressed her thoughts about Donald as potential leader: “He is not politically correct, and he tells the truth. Everything is not roses and flowers and perfect, because it’s not. He wants America to be great again, and he can do that”. So, Melania is ready to act as an advocate not politically correct, but a faithful husband. We can note the sincerity Melania Trump, in terms of her husband's desire to make America great again.
Her fairy tale story began from small city in native Slovenia eventually brought her to fashion industry and Donald Trump.
I take the liberty to say that the scandalous stories from her past are her steps to the American dream. Well, dreams come true and the Melania’s story is a direct proof. The discussion around her person does not cease. She is still the subject of media attention.
Today Melania takes the political spotlight. She affects the presidential candidate from the informal environment, and shares her time between the campaign, raising her son and dispute with media.
Will she be able to escape from the informational onrush and from Trump’s competitors who probably made their decision to destruct Trump’s reputation via drawing all their attention to his wife’s personality? The information coming from the various sources can either become the proof of guilt or justify Melanie’s actions.
As known, the institution of the First Lady of USA goes hand in hand with the American tradition. In accordance with this tradition, the president’s wife fulfills responsibility with regard to the promotion of the authority and the positive image of the country in the world arena.
Experience had proven that the candidates’ wives could affect the results of the elections. The sympathy or antipathy of the voters towards the potential First Lady can define the outcome of the elections. Taking up the “traditional” position of the First Lady by Trump’s wife can enhance his prestige as a political leader in the American society, where the family values play the great role. However, now the essays from Melanie’s past work rather for the decrease of her husband’s authority within the pre-election activity.
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