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I have an issue! Maybe we can all help me. Lately there have been several news reports related to our privacy and freedom of choice. Who has the right to spy on us in the name of national security? And does the media and those complying with onerous thugocrat intrusions have a real responsibility to go along with it? I say NO!

The news media and the company's who are being asked to go along with the efforts by an out of control political system, "whom electorate enabling hath turned inside out" through partisanship. Now has to live confronted by the real danger of an excess of control from the very system they supported and are also counted among its members. It isn't only the government, we have the same thing with social media, internet and phone company providers. Control seems to be everywhere online off line and even at work and shopping.

The information age touted as a bastion of free exchanges between like minded individuals who could usher in a ... Read more »
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