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She’s Slovenian ex-model, wife and companion to 2016 U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump. Melania Trump has the potential to become the First Lady and influencing the outcome of the elections.
Do not oppose women's rights in questions of policy; Melania said that she would not have gone into politics. “I chose not to go into politics and policy”, she said GQ in April 2016. Considering the political activity of the work of her husband, she took the role of an as humble observer.
At her first campaign interview for ABC’s, published in November 2015, she said she has not accompanied her husband on the campaign trail because she’s staying home to take care of their 9-year-old son Barron.
Suppose she deserve becoming the First Lady of this nation. We’re thinking about her, remembering the former First Ladies of the country.
In February 2016 Siena College researchers have published work on the topic “The first ladies study”. The first place in 1982 confidentl ... Read more »
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Hillary Clinton must be the most corrupt woman in politics today even before that ghoul Nancy Pelosi.

It's about time she be brought before a court under oath to answer for what she has been getting away with all these years.

She was the absolute WORST Secretary of State in recent memory.

Her polls are tanking.

Any Democrat still supporting her is only doing it out of stubbornness and refusal to admit that he/she has been hoodwinked by her.

General Patraeus received probation and a fine for pillow talk, and this woman has done 100x worse. She should consider herself lucky if all she gets is a fine.

It speaks volumes about the Democrat party that this is the best they can do and their frontrunner.
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The story of conservatism: Part One: Origins

Conservatism as a fully-fledged political philosophy was not consciously formulated until the seventeenth century. The same is true of its rival, liberalism. Both fascism and socialism, by contrast, have much more ancient roots and both philosophies can be found in, for instance, Plato.

The seventeenth century was one of the most turbulent times in human history and the English Civil War crystallised positions on both sides. Even so neither liberalism nor conservatism were constructed out of whole cloth. Arguments before the seventeenth century tended to be phrased in religious terms with thinkers like Augustine of Hippo (whose ‘City of God’ gave arguments to both sides), the conciliarist movements to limit the power of the Pope (particularly the arguments put forward by Nicholas of Cusa), the Lollards (Wycliffe was essentially a liberal while many of his disciples, such as John Ball for instance, were essentially s ... Read more »
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Liberalism and libertarianism

I hope people won’t mind me posting a thread on this subject because I’m very conscious that I’m not only a new member but that my views are in a tiny minority here so I’d like to clarify them because I do sense a genuine misunderstanding both about what I’m saying and about the nature of these two philosophies. If no one minds I’d like to try and explain my position.
In the first place liberalism and libertarianism are related but not identical. Secondly there are subdivisions within each school and the nuances often get overlooked.

Where to begin? Well, let’s try and explain the similarities and differences. All liberals are libertarians but not all libertarians are liberals. In the same way all communists are socialists but not all socialists are communists, all Anglicans (Episcopalians) are Christians but not all Christians are Anglicans, all Mexicans speak Spanish but not all Spanish speakers are Mexican.

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