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There have always been fashions in poetry and 'schools' that to a greater or lesser extent dominate the poetry of an era..

It seems to me that over the last couple of years or so there's been an upsurge of what I call 'poetry lite' and I find that deeply depressing.

My own instinct is that the effects of texting and Twitter has led to a frame of mind where youngsters in particular find it hard to concentrate or develop any complexity of thought.

The result is that if they write poetry it's in the same style and spirit. There's no ambition in their work, no scope, no depth, no sense of surprise. What the Twitter versifiers produce is predictable, unexciting, unambitious, shallow and on the whole pretty tedious to read..

Instead of poems they give us text messages or at best tweets!

Now there's nothing wrong with brevity. A lot of great poets could usefully have pruned their work.

But when brevity becomes an en ... Read more »
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