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Part II. Awaking in the Dream from the Dream: Why We’re Learning Lucid Dreaming

When most people awake in the morning, they don’t remember their dreams because they jump right back into the program of all the things they need to do that day. They immediately go from delta, which is deep sleep, straight up the brain wave scale to beta, which is thinking and performing tasks. In the process, they don’t have time to slowly transition and gradually climb the ladder of consciousness from delta, to theta, to alpha, to beta. I wanted to give our students enough time to linger in the subconscious states of alpha and theta so that they could begin to awaken the circuity and neuropathways responsible for dream recollection. We’re cultivating these skills for two main ... Read more »
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In case you're unfamiliar with the killing of Cecil the Lion, here is a link to a NYTimes news article. http://www.nytimes.com/2015....ml?_r=0

Long story short, Cecil, a 13-year-old black maned lion was killed by an american big-game hunter within the country of Zimbabwe. After the Minnesota dentist was outed for his action, hes been forced in to hiding. People all over the internet and around the world are creating petitions and trying to prolong threatened species.

No matter how hunters try to defend their actions, its clear that the majority of people do not agree with the hunting of quickly receding species.

In order to condemn the killing of Cecil the lion and stop trophy hunters from killing near-extinct species, I'd like to recommend that you sign this petition. The more people ... Read more »
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